Our Friends & Supporters

Felicia Shanklin

CBTF Board Member Felicia Shanklin, Founder and CEO of Lady Butterflies of Georgia.

 Founder & CEO Lady Butterflies of Georgia has been Board Member of CBTF from 2013 to present time.

Faye Ray


Board Member of CBTF from 2013 to present time. She is also a Director for M4GP stage plays. Faye is an actress, film director, musician and casting director.

Our Theatre Family Past & Present

Brian Bowman: Also Board member from 2013-2017.

Jasmyn Green: Playwright & Board Member 2019.       

Jerry March: Actor                                                               

Jessica Gibson: Actress                                                      

Edward Andrews: Actor & Board Member                           

Grace Auls: Actress                                                              

Angela McCormick: Actress                                                                Alura Myers: Actress                                                        Jeremiah Sesay: Actor                                                     Jeremiah Hinkle-Moore: Actor                                                   Shayanna Hinkle-Moore: Actress                                        

Kim  Denizard : Actress                                                         

Jean Green: Playwright CBTF                                              

Lamondria Leigh: Actress                                                     

Lamont Leigh: Actor                                                               

Lynette Brown: Actress                                                          

Linda Muhammad: Light Tech                                         Gabrielle Solange                                               

Natasha Luster: ActressS                                                       

Beatrice Brown: Intern                                                           

Mary Fergali: Actress                                                             

Phylis Mack: Playwright CBTF                                             

Destini Madison:  Actress                                                    

Ronita McCormick:  Actress                                                

Carla Hill:  Actress                                                                 

Victoria Brown: Actress                                                                   

Sharla Day:  Board Member CBTF                                       

Troy Anthony:  Board Member CBTF                                     

ZF Taylor: Board Member CBTF                                           

Carina Prater:  Board Member CBTF                                   

Ibriham Timbo:  Actor                                                            

Dajoin Whitney:  Actor                                                            

Shawn Williams:  Actor                                                          

Nicodemus Harding:  Actor                                                  

Normajean Mays: Actress                                                    

Tasha Neal: Playwright CBTF                                                

Ty Davis :  Actor                                                                       

Is Said:  Playwright  CBTF                                                          

Darren Oden:  Actor                                                                    

Janae Miller:  Actress, Board Member CBTF                     

Stephanie Moss:  Playwright CBTF                                

Alfie Weathers:  Actress                                                          

Candance Parker:  Actress                                                   

Talib Andre': Playwright CBTF                                               

 Richard Bloom:  Playwright CBTF                                        Past Productions:  Theatre Workshop CBTF                  

Sherelle Brown:  Theatre Workshop CBTF                          

Tisha Harris:  Playwright CBTF                                             

Tiffani Cargle:   Actress                                                        

Candance  Boahene:  Actress                                              

Tanya Elkafrawy:   Actress                                                    

Leslie Jeter-Wass:  Actress                                                   

Leland Leger:   Actor                                                             

Kurt Mueller:  Light Designer/Tech                                      






Nonprofit Organization


Nonprofit Organization